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Hypnotic Swirls

hornet's nest

A white faced hornet nest, complete with cute hornet face poking out. Image taken by Dawn Collins.

A colleague of mine sent me these beautiful pictures of a white-faced hornet (aka bald-faced hornet) nest. These wasps are a relative of yellow jackets and not true hornets.

hornet nest

A white faced hornet nest. Image taken by Dawn Collins.


Don’t Look Down


An invasive species, this wasp thrives partially because of its ability to handle its competitors. Image by Nigel Jones.

This wasp has been observed in an interesting competitor-handling behavior. When it’s at a food station, enjoying its noms, and some ants come by to take part in the feast, these wasps will pick them up, fly them away and then drop them from the sky. Despite being quite a far fall, the ants usually survive, but with a lesson well learned. They will usually abandon the feeding station in search of safer, less painful foods. Before you take pity on the ant, it’s important to know that these ants will bite and spray acid on their competitors. You can see why the wasp doesn’t want them around. Read more about it here.