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Invisibility is Not a Super Power

Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko

Mossy Leaf tailed Gecko. Image stolen from greenwalla.

This link has some of the most amazing photos of animal camouflage I have ever seen. Also, just in case you haven’t seen this amazing video yet:

Lest you think these animal have us beat in this category, check this out. We will catch up someday…


Do NOT Taunt the Octopus


Do not taunt the octopus. Image stolen from Oddlyspecific.com.

Otto the Naughty Octopus


Otto the octopus with his toy. Image by Europics.

Otto has been up to a whole bunch of mischief, such as squirting a stream of water to turn off the lights, juggling his hermit crab tank mates and cracking his glass! Read about him at Telegraph.

By the way Backyard Zoologist readers, my husband and I are moving to Oregon! I know the posts have been pretty short lately and this is why…we’re very busy right now with packing, finding a new apartment and taking care of business here, etc. So, please forgive this run of shorter posts, but I hope to be back on schedule shortly. Cheers!