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Fantastic Frog Art!

save the frogs

Amazing frog art from Kara Timmons.

This amazing piece of frog art from Kara Timmons won the Save the Frogs art contest. Depicted on the frogs’ backs are some of the problems that are leading our amphibian friends to crazy levels of extinction including invasive species, climate change, deforestation, harvesting and shipping for school dissections, frogs legs and the pet trade (spreads the chytrid fungus), and pollution and deformities. Find out what you can do to help frogs at savethefrogs.com. Check out more cool frog art here. You can also purchase awesome amphibian art like this in the form of postcards, posters, totes, t-shirts and other goodies at the Save the Frogs gift center.

Another one of my favorite pieces:

Gastric brooding frog

yay! Frog art by Ana-Maria Maximencu.

Of course, I am biased; this is clearly my favorite frog species, the gastric brooding frog, that went extinct in my life time.

Another favorite:

Froggy Lisa

Brayden Brown, age 14, showing a lot of imagination in this piece.

There are many more like this, so check it out! Also, if you are feeling so inclined, Save the Frogs is working hard to get Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco to rescind a veto on legislation that is allowing one of the few remaining wetland areas in California to be a golf course. These wetlands are also home to the endangered red-legged frog and the endangered San Francisco garter snake. You can help Save the Frogs on this important mission by letting Mayor Ed Lee know what you think about his decision to veto this important legislation by calling him at (415) 554-6141 or e-mailing him at mayoredwinlee@sfgov.org. Cheers!

Okay, one more:

frog piper

Fantastic! by Bhavya Dhami


Musical Turtles


3 turtle sculptures. Image taken in Eugene, Oregon.

Brandon Ballengée


brandon ballengee

Brandon Ballengée collecting amphibians. Image from greenmuseum.org.

Brandon Ballengée is an artist that has collaborated with scientists to create hybrid environmental art and ecological research projects. Being the frog nut that I am, I particularly appreciated his work with deformed frogs. You can find out about this and more by Brandon here. And of course, as always, you  can find out how to save the frogs here.

The Phantom Panda

panda sign

The Phantom Panda. Image taken at the National Zoo.

The Phantom Panda

The Phantom Panda. Image taken at the National Zoo.

Evil Seahorse

Evil seahorse

Scary looking seahorse with a forked tongue painted on the wall. Image taken at the McMenamins Edgefield hotel in Troutdale, Oregon.

As I mentioned previously, my husband and I recently went on a vacation- a road trip to Oregon. While we were there, we stayed at the McMenamins Edgefield hotel, which happens to be one of the top 10 most haunted hotels in the United States. And of course we stayed in the most haunted room of the haunted hotel. But ghostly activity aside, this place was creepy and cool just to walk around. Every part of it had random images like this one and on every door was a painting illustrating some crazy (often literally) part of Edgefield history.