salt marsh mouse

A salt marsh harvest mouse plaque in the cement floor of Fisherman's wharf. Image taken in San Francisco.

I’m not sure why this little tribute to the salt marsh harvest mouse in on site in Fisherman’s wharf, San Francisco. This mouse is endangered, so maybe it is a reminder of wildlife on the brink. This mouse was doing much better and was moved up to vulnerable in 2000, but is now back to being endangered again. They’re only found in central California’s tidal marshes and tend to come up frequently as an example of wildlife that needs our protection. Sadly, there are still many commercial threats trying to pick apart the last little range this mouse has left to hold on to, as 84% of historical tidal marshes of the San Francisco Bay are gone. The remaining 16% is facing other problems, such as infestation with invasive species water quality and pollution problems. Other animals from this habitat are endangered as well. Because of this, there is a lot of work being done to try to restore and preserve this land. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is on the job and has some wonderful information on this rodent here.