This ridiculously adorable furry creature is my kitty, Gotham, cleaning his feet.

Gotham joined our family a few years ago, while I was working at a pet shop. Some asshole came in with a 4 week old kitten and threw him on our counter saying, “my landlord says I can’t have this,” and then he walked away. I suppose it’s a good thing he couldn’t keep the kitten because now he’s part of our family. Right now we are preparing him for the long trip to our new home and getting him used to his new carrier.


Kali, a California kingsnake, joined our family at the very end of 2004. This is him when he was a baby.

Again, snakes use their tongue to smell, so Kali is exploring his environment. He is now over 3 feet long.

Moe kitty

Moe kitty was the kitty I grew up with and the furry love of my life. Bath time!

Moe kitty picked my mom at the SPCA when he was just a kitten. My mom was actually looking at another kitten when he put his paw through the gate of his cage and tapped her on the shoulder. That was it… and we are so lucky that he chose us. The little scratch on his nose is from when he took a header off of our balcony, in a misguided attempt at catching a spider, and lived to tell about it.


This mammal is my sister, Vickie, at my brother's 18th birthday party. She apparently thought I shouldn't be sneaking pictures of her.

My sister is the brilliant artist who made the Pikachu image that was on the earlier Pikachu post.

And last, but not least:

Kevin and Moe

This large mammal is my brother, Kevin and the smaller, slightly furrier mammal is our kitty, Moe.

My brother is the one who rescued Moe from the previously mentioned fall off of the balcony. He actually had to climb through thorny rose bushes to get him. Although, technically, roses don’t have thorns, they have prickles. Here he’s a…he’s a…well…your guess is as good as mine.