So, this is a new category for my blog that is going to have collections of themed animal photos. Enjoy!


How do you clean your nose with no hands? Image taken at the San Francisco Zoo.


This honeybee specimen was pinned with its mouth parts out. Bees use their mouth parts to stick nectar in and out of their mouth to evaporate some of the water, which turns the nectar into honey. So, the next time your eating honey, remember you're eating something that has been in and out of a bees mouth. Image taken at the California Academy of Sciences.


A fruit bat having a good yawn. There are many species of fruit bat and they all play an important role in pollination. In fact, the cocoa tree is pollinated by a bat, so we can thank bats for chocolate! Image taken at the Oregon Zoo.

Red racer coachwhip

This red racer coachwhip is checking us out. Snakes "smell" with their tongue, and having a forked tongue allows them to tell which direction the smell is coming from. Image taken at Zzyzx desert station in southern California.


A mama elk sticks out her tongue while nursing her baby. Image taken in north western California.